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LUM University was founded in 1995 by Senator Giuseppe Degennaro as the first private university of Southern Italy. Today LUM is a modern organisation capable of turning all the principles on which it has been founded into wealth creation,

with a capability of creating connections between faculty and students, the academic world and industries across economic, and making those connections solid and capable of creating precious synergies for the university’s students and society. LUM is particularly active in creating partnerships and collaborations with prestigious Universities and public and private institutions around the world to offer its students the best education environment possible.


To contribute to society by pursuing education and research at international levels of excellence. Freedom of thought and expression and freedom from discrimination are our core values, together

with a strong sense of community. Thanks to these values, LUM University has become a place of opportunities for students and scholars, who are encouraged to go beyond established frontiers of

knowledge and the boundaries of disciplines.

Exeo Lab is a partnership of policy specialists, whose founding members have more than a decade of experience in consulting services to public and private entities. Its field of expertise lies with research and territorial analysis through innovative tools and technologies, to support policy design for public administration at the national and regional level and especially in the innovative and emerging sectors. Also, Exeo Lab provides SMEs and innovative startups with advanced assistance in the field of business development, investment strategies, technology transfer and R&S.

Business Area

Exeo Lab supports national and regional Public Administrations in planning, implementation, management, monitoring and evaluation of development programs co-financed by Structural and Investment funds. Our founding partners and the team have more than 10 years of experience on EAFRD, ESF, European Regional Development Fund.

The company supports SMEs and startuppers in designing their business development strategies, essential processes to face the global market challenges competitively. The main clients are SMEs, StartUps and International Companies.

Exeo Lab develops and participates in national and transnational cooperation projects to contribute to the design and testing of innovative tools and methodologies for sustainable territorial development.

The Municipality of Lousada is an institution of local public administration. It aims to pursuit the interests of the population in the territorial space of Lousada Municipality.

The Municipality mission is to define guiding strategies and execute the resulting municipal policies towards sustainable development of the municipality, contributing to the increased competitiveness of it, in local, regional and national levels, through measures and programmes in various areas of its competences, promoting the quality of life of its citizens and ensuring high standards of quality services.

IED is a Greek NGO committed to the promotion of innovation and the enhancing of the entrepreneurial spirit.

By recognizing entrepreneurship as a crucial factor for the development and cohesion of societies, IED conducts research and is able to provide innovative solutions that facilitate the growth of healthy entrepreneurship and promote employment. In order to achieve this goal, the institute adopts an anthropocentric approach and cooperates with social, academic, and business partners from Greece and abroad, aiming at producing and transferring know-how, promoting entrepreneurial culture, and enhancing the effectiveness and viability of enterprises. IED has implemented a wealth of actions and initiatives, making it a highly specialized organization in the fields of entrepreneurship, education, and training, employment, social inclusion, as well as e-learning.

EFCoCert stays for European Foundation for Competence Certification, with the following profile:

  • Swiss non-profit Foundation, established 2014
  • Dedicated to set & operate competence certification schemes in accordance with ISO 17024 rules
  • Innovating by using informal open recognition as basis for formal certification
  • Developing EU competence certification schemes funded within Erasmus+ projects

EFCoCert Mission

  • Develop and manage competence certification schemes for non-regulated professions in Europe to provide recognition and validation of non-formal and informal learning, enhancing the employability and mobility.
  • Provide innovative solutions within competence certification for recognizing technical and soft skills though an informal open badge recognition ecosystem leading to revolve the classical certification approach and reduce costs by universal accessibility.

The GIP FIPAN (Public Interest Group for Professional Training and Insertion of the Academy of Nice) is a public law legal entity in the service of continuous education.

Created in 2002, the GIP FIPAN serves as a policy management and development tool of the rector of the Academy of Nice and its mission is the development of concerted cooperation at Academy level in the field of continuing education for adults and professional integration.

The GIP FIPAN operates on its own funds by responding to contracts linked to training for a volume of activities of 7 million euros in 2019. The total funds for which it participates in management and operations was 24 million euros in 2019.

The GIP FIPAN has specific functions:

  • Consulting in human resources management and marketing of training courses for the benefit of private companies.
  • Information and support towards the validation of prior learning (VAE) for National Education diplomas.
  • Implementation of the training plan for the professionalization of continuing education personnel at the Nice Academy.
  • Research, development, and implementation of national, European and international projects related to the themes of integration and lifelong training
  • Management, development, and implementation of learning in all the establishments of the Academy of Nice.

More specifically, the GIP FIPAN is made up of:

  • RDI pole: international research and development which focuses on finding opportunities and developing innovative solutions in the field of training, employment, and integration for the GRETA network.
  • RDI currently manages and coordinates 22 European projects (Erasmus + Interreg Alcotra, Marittimo, Alpine Space) and is made up of a team of 8 people with a decidedly international profile.
  • The VAE pole: Validation of acquired experience. It is the DAVA (Academic Device for Validation of Acquired Experience) which is in charge of VAE. Its mission is to inform users about all the procedures and the various possible certifications. It also has a mission to support candidates in writing booklets 2, advice and preparation for the oral interview in front of the jury.
  • The CFA : The apprenticeship training center of the Academie de Nice provides more than 100 training courses in 39 establishments of the Ministry of National Education in the territory of Var and Alpes-Maritimes. The training courses are certified and ranging from level 3 to level 7 of the national framework for professional qualifications. The trained audience is between 16 and 29 years old, with no age limit for people with disabilities. The training is characterized by an alternation between school and business with an employee status for the apprentice. In 2021, more than 1,500 apprentices are enrolled in the CFA of the Académie de Nice.
  • The CFA of the Académie de Nice is EDUFORM certified and meets the French legal requirements in terms of the quality of its training delivery.
  • The Nice Academy CFA promotes an innovative system that consists of mixing audiences (students, apprentices, trainees) in training.
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